July 6th, 2020: It all started with this mail. I received a scholarship for CEH Practical (applied two times xD) and I had to pay $99 to take the exam.

Scholarship Mail

I guess it was worth it. Battling with college and other stuff, I used to think I am not ready yet and kept on postponing it until 6th of November, 2020. I finally took the exam and passed it easily, and now that I look back, I could have done it then as well, but yeah.

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I got into cyber security not so long ago, and this field is so moving I must say. It’s exciting! I have been doing CTFs earlier and I guess that’s enough to conquer this certification. Just some CTF experience!

There was a question that came to me, and some people told me to look regarding the exam. So, I cleared that as well. Q. Is it a requirement to complete CEH (ANSI) in order to take CEH Practical?

So yeah, you can give CEH Practical before CEH ANSI

So yeah, you can give CEH Practical before CEH ANSI

Now moving on, more about the exam!

I’ll tag a few amazing articles (from the people who already took the exam and passed), which gave me a clear enough idea of what I was getting myself into. I want to point out a few things that might help you out in the test.

  • Use WINDOWS as your host, in the exam, otherwise you have to reschedule.
    • I use linux as my main system, hence joined the proctor with this system and then screen share feature was not available in the GoToMeeting. So, the proctor asked if I had a windows system, luckily I had, otherwise I had to reschedule.
    • Have a look at iLabs environment(There are a few videos on YouTube). It will help you navigate easily and won’t take up any time understanding the environment.

Other than that, you are good to go! Just believe in yourself and it’s easy. All the best!